Why don’t I get an avatar next to my 6-word story like the cool kids?

Unfortunately, the WordPress template we’re using has this minor defect built into its code . But if you become a registered 6 Words + Postage contributor, rest assured, you will get one. And depending on how creative you get, you will become one of the cool kids.

What’s the + Postage all about?

In short, we still love the world that exists outside of the internet. The pictures posted on 6 Words + Postage are postcards or pictures mailed to our headquarters in Portland and Minneapolis. There, they get scanned and posted to the blog. 6-word story mania ensues. If you’ve got a postcard or picture you’d like to contribute to the blog, please mail us at either of the following addresses:

  • 6-Word Stories
    255 SW Harrison APT 6C
    Portland OR 97201
  • 6-Word Stories/Arthur Tanimoto
    701 Main St. SE, 217
    Minneapolis, MN 55414

Can I mail you my own, original artwork?

We prefer that you do! All original work will be fully credited.

Will there be more experiments in storytelling?

Do French guys wear complicated hats? Keep your eyes peeled.


  • Marcy Erb 5:47 am on June 14, 2014 | #

    It doesn’t look like you guys are updating the site anymore – any plans to pick it back up? I hope that you do – it is a very cool idea. You had quite a bit of creative participation!

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